Soodbar Group was founded by Israfil Soodbar in Tehran in 1966 .

In the beginning, the company was active in the production and distribution of spare parts for Volvo trucks and until 1992 continued to evolve and develop.

Since 1992 and with the establishing the foreign trade department and entering the field of importing heavy machinery, road and bus’s spare parts, a new chapter began in the history of the company.  So it could sign contracts and got sales and distribution representation of dozens of European and American companies.

Continuing its activities, and in order to improve its performance, in 2003 this group signed a contract with the Saipa Diesel Company and Rena technical services Company. Then launched it’s sales and guarantee center of Volvo and Nissan Diesel trucks in Tehran.

This center with the efforts of its’ trained personnel, could be selected as the best guarantee service center for 3 consecutive years by the Rena Technical Services.

In addition to the development and improving the quality of its services, it could get the ISO9001- 2000 quality control management certifications and ISO- 14000 environmental certification.

In 2008 with the establishing of Passargad Motor Pars Company(PMP) and signing the Volvo's sales dealership contract with Volvo truck Parts Corporation, a bright era began in the history of Soodbar Group.

2015 began by reentering the European and American companies to our country’s market and it accompanied with selecting Soodbar Group as their commercial partner by some reputable companies. In this year according to almost 50 years experience of this group in supplying spare parts and having a proper sales network, this group was selected as an official representative of the Bosch Automotive company in Iran and began its extensive activities in meeting the needs of our country’s market in this area.

All the efforts of this group’s founders and our colleagues since the establishment till now, have been working with the leading and well-known companies in the production and supplying the original and high quality spare parts.



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