A word with customers


According to documents, the cost of spare parts, repair and maintenance of vehicles constitute only 6% of total costs of them. So the lack of attention to service and quality of purchased parts and saving the cost of this section is not right. Selecting the appropriate parts and service, is always the key to achieve the maximum vehicle efficiency.

In Soodbar group we are trying to present the high quality and original products produced by reputable companies which are experienced in the production of spare parts.

The names of the companies in this booklet, shows our devotion to quality of the products as well as our success in achieving this goal.

In addition to the high quality of the pieces presented, we have tried to take effective steps in fulfilling the needs of the customers by providing a wide range of parts for light and heavy vehicles.

In order to help the customers to distinguish the original products from others, Soodbar group has presented all its products with labels (hologram) from 1996, which shows our full confidence in supporting the quality and authenticity of the products.

In addition to the hologram label, since 2001 labels containing the entry number that reflects our seriousness in the fight against counterfeit goods and to prevent malicious users and alerts powered by the judicial authorities, were attached to the goods.

Since 2015 at the same time with the distribution of car spare parts identification labels, Shenasa, all products supplied by the soodbar group are represented with this label.


Shenasa labels, which are officially registered by Fidar Trade and Development Company and under the provision of Union of Auto Parts vendors and all the security items have been predicted in order to prevent any abuse, with the aim of identifying genuine goods to customers are installed on parts.


Trust in purchasing the genuine and high quality product by customers as well as proper installation, results a long life and optimal performance of spare parts.


With the establishment of guarantee service center, we have been trying to complete our services and to provide direct service to our dear customers.

By providing the best and fastest service to customers using technical knowledge, tools and unique commitment we are proud to do our duty.


We believe there is a lack of technical training and consulting in the field of supplying vehicle spare parts.That's why in 2016 we have tried to eliminate this deficiency, which has caused great damage to parts dealers, repairmen and technicians and most important consumers, with training courses by experienced teachers.

Our guarantee service center is always ready to provide technical advice to our dear colleagues.